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It Started with a Thermos

When asked recently how Ten Green Balloons started 
 the answer was simple - It started with a Thermos!!!! 
 While Op Shopping in NZ - with my neice in tow - I bought an old thermos for $1 because the pattern was fantastic and I thought it would make a great prop … however rather than packing it, the thermos went into my sister's garage sale which my neice was quite dubious about - exclaiming "you won't sell that it doesn't even have a lid" and sure it was missing the cup but had the vital part of any good working thermos - its stopper - !!! 
Initially my neice was right it didn't sell in the Garage Sale and looked destined to become a prop, until later that day a lady knocked on the door wanting to buy a thermos.... "I'm driving down South tomorrow and can't afford to buy coffee - my friend mentioned you might have a thermos for sale" Well when I sold it for $3 (cheaper than a takeaway coffee or 4) the expression on my neice's face was priceless.... 
and Ten Green Balloons came to be ...
and I still smile whenever I see a great old thermos for sale in an Op Shop.